Q: Why did you make yet another blog?

A: I did this because my other two blogs are from other chapters in my life. My “Growin’ Up a Wise Women” blog is mostly about me talking about adjusting to single life after my breakup with my ex-boyfriend. I’m not in a spot anymore where I need to let out feelings about that. I’m over it (for the most part). What lingering feelings I still have about that are not worth an entire blog, but possibly a post?

My second blog “A Whole World Away” is all about my adventures in Korea, Japan, and Thailand. I thought about continuing with it because in a lot of ways, I still feel a whole world away. But, I decided that that blog was for that period in my life. One that I am thankful for everyday.

Q: Why is your blog called “nor”?

A: I titled it “Nor” because the word ‘nor’ occurs six times in my all time favorite Bible passage: Romans 8:38-39. This passage is about how absolutely nothing can separate us (people) from the love of God (“that is in Christ Jesus our Lord”). I chose ‘nor’ because when I read this passage, I get very vivid imagery that I can’t really describe yet. To put it simply, I really like this passage and I really like what the word “nor” stands for as it relates to this passage.



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