“There has to be a benchmark.”

A very loud discussion is going on all over every type of social media. What I think it boils down to is this word I keep hearing:


I have never head this word so much before this last week in my entire life. One could argue that the reason I have never been around the word is because of my white, middle class, Protestant, heterosexual, cisgendered privilege. I think it’s because I have never been ready to tackle the concept before now.

Okay, so privilege. I like fully understanding words, so I’ll give the official definition which reads a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a participator person or group of people. To break down the word complete would be priv = private and leg = law. Using this, the definition has something to do with private law, where private equates to an individual.

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After taking into consideration the “modern” definition and where the word came from, I am confidant I can spill out some intelligent thoughts in the general direction of the conversation about privilege.

The descriptors I used to describe myself revolve around truths about me. I can decide to not be a Protestant….but I promise you I wouldn’t be happy. I could move out my house, quit my job, and stop going to university as to lower my social status…but I wouldn’t be happy.

When I say happy, I mean that in the least selfish way possible. By happy I mean, I don’t think God would be blessed by it. And if God isn’t being blessed, then I’m not happy. I commend those who feel led to change a truth about themselves….but only if God is blessing it. Am I being judgmental? Yeah, yeah I am . . . but I’m modeling Jesus, the only one’s opinion that matters to me.

What this all leads back to is why some individuals and/or groups get different privileges. Why can heterosexual couples only get married? Why can women get a free pass when accused of raping a male? Why do students from wealthy families have the opportunity to go to private school, when there is a perfectly good public school down the road (that their taxes are paying for…..)?

I don’t have an answer to any of these. The only logical answer I can produce is that there absolutely has to be a norm.  There has to be a benchmark.

The funny thing about benchmarks and limits, is that someone, somewhere is always wanting to push them. It’s happened over and over and over and OVER in American history. Examples include black people getting the right to vote, women getting the right to vote, the rightness or wrongness of alcohol (has Christian origins), divorce, slavery, women being apart of the work force, and so many others. No one is every going to be fully happy, until the “wrong” is corrected.

I just want to point out here, that most of things I mentioned, I’m content with the result (except divorce…but don’t get me started on that). I’m so happy that I can drink beer, I’m so happy that slavery was abolished, I’m so happy that legal and of age American citizens can vote in elections.

Once again, I’m happy because God allowed it.

To conclude this, I agree that our American society is very…*insert your own adjective here*, but I really don’t have the head space to consider every single social issue right now. I’m picking and choosing what I want to have an opinion about, what want to advocate for.For a few weeks, I was spending my free time researching many sources as to add my opinion to the LGBTQ equal rights discussion I’ve dropped that now to fill my head with education (mine and in general) and seeking Jesus.

I understand this post was all over the place. I also understand if some of you reading this mysteriously disappear from my News Feed, which disappointments me only because that shows me that our friendship was (is?) shallow, and I don’t want to put effort into a shallow friend.

Have any questions or comments, comment in the pretty box below!

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